Mario L Castellanos to guest on the Small Business with Lori Brooks Show

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Orlando, FL – February 22, 2022 media inquiries:

Mystery on Main is pleased to announce, Mario L Castellanos, President and Owner of Mystery on Main Street, will be a guest on the Small Business with Lori Brooks Show, hosted by Lori Brooks, this coming Thursday, April 14th at 9:00 PM EST.

Mystery on Main Street (MoMS), a new interactive “whodunit” game for mobile phones made freely available to the public and downloadable through the Apple App Store and Google Play, will launch soon. The application takes players from location to location to receive clues and solve a mystery while promoting local merchants by encouraging the player to browse within these locations as a core function of completing the game. Participating locations are viewable worldwide but the clue is only viewable within the location and only within a small window of time. This motivates impulse buying and return shopping. The first player to solve the mystery receives a valuable prize. Merchants optionally offer discounts, coupons and free samples. Player level increases by playing, providing free MoMS merchandise. Think of this as Groupon meets scavenger hunt meet Pokémon Go, but players and participating merchants mutually gain with no membership or subscription required.

Demographics – Data confirms every age group, from college age to seniors will play.
Gameplay – Can be themed to coincide with local festivities, history, seasonal, religious events, and similar. Interaction with location employees is not required so, no work taken away because of chit-chat!
Discovery – Participating locations are viewable worldwide. Think of all those new customers learning about you!
Cost & Revenue – A low fee to the merchant for each gameplay. Gameplays are calculated to last approximately one month. In-app advertising, targeted advertising, brand and product promotion and more options are planned to increase merchant sales and marketing.
Technology – The game is interactive with components of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Bluetooth and other wireless methods to increase brand awareness are planned.
Marketing, promotion, and getting the word out – Each gameplay event will be publicized in the surrounding metropolitan area plus merchants receive an 8”x11” co-branded printable themed window display poster.
Benefits – So, why is this beneficial for the business, the player and the community? This as a fun, family friendly game where everyone wins. Players are incentivized to shop local, support their community, increase their knowledge of the locality, receive discounts, coupons, and free trials, and the possibility of a cash prize. The retailer has an opportunity to increase foot traffic, increase market share, increase revenue and receive worldwide recognition. The game is played globally and participating locations appear on the app’s map, increasing local business and community awareness.

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