It was the beginning of 2017. I was enjoying a coffee in the downtown central park of the small town where I live, when this elderly woman caught my eye. She was zig-zagging around while viewing her mobile phone, looking left, looking right. Soon after, I saw what seemed to be a teenage boy doing the same. Shortly following him, a couple came along followed by many more, all entranced in the same effort until, they all gathered around… a tree. Curiosity got the best of me so, I ambled over to ask what they were doing. “Pokémon”, said one. Pokémon, I repeated. Having a career in technology thus keeping up with the latest trends, I’d heard of Pokémon Go, but wasn’t sure how it was played. This couple was kind enough to explain it to me and as they did, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if  “they” came up with a game that brings people to all these surrounding “mom and pop” businesses instead of just chasing imaginary animations to a tree? And then it struck me. I’m in tech. They… could be me!

And so it was. With a bit of adversity, a few changes and a setback along the way, plus a major global pandemic striking at the heart of my target market, the Mystery soon began.

Mario L Castellanos, Founder & CEO